March 3, 2018


Thanks so much for being a part of it all. This introductory class is designed to expose you to some of the first principles of Computer Science in the context of the Python programming language. We also got to play around with quite a few other ideas: encryption, gender and diversity in technology, basic web design, and “Computers in Popular Culture” (aka Sneakers)!

There is so much more to explore, of course, and I hope you’ll take advantage of other opportunities to learn about Computer Science. Some things you might consider:

  • Explore other ideas here on this website.
  • Join other Poly students in a few weeks at the SCaLEx16 conference right here in Pasadena! (I’ll send out further information about that conference a few weeks in advance.)
  • Keep in touch! If you want to borrow books from our technical library, a Micro:Bit board to experiment with, or a Raspberry Pi to try out, let me know!